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Have you recently remodeled your home? Would you like to thank the people who helped or from whom you borrowed ideas? Does your home have features that get people to take notice? Has your home been maintained or renovated in a way that respects the craftsmanship and design characteristics appropriate for its distinct style and era? Would you like to promote home ownership and pride in your neighborhood?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should nominate your home for a future Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour!

First, find out what the Home Tour is looking for in nominated homes. Contact Tour Coordinator Margo Ashmore at 612-867-4874 if you have questions about whether your home would be suitable for the tour.

To Submit

Submit your home using the form below. Or, request an application by email from mfashmore (at) aol (dot) com. It will be sent in Word so it can be filled out on computer and sent back. Thank you! Alternatively, you can download a form here if you wish to fill out and mail or email to us.


Always interested in homes for future tours. First deadline for 2020 is January 20, 2020.  Contact Margo Ashmore at 612-867-4874 for updates.


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We recommend having one person stationed on each floor or in each distinct area of the home to greet and monitor guests, plus a greeter at the front door -- in addition to the homeowners. Greeters can be friends, family or your home improvement professionals and people they recruit. Will you/they have enough people to staff your home?