What is the Home Tour looking for in nominated homes?

Life stage adaptations or construction. Example: Enlarging to accommodate growing families, or making handicapped-accessible. Most homes, even if one room is featured, have at least the main level open to view.

Live/work spaces — home office configurations and artist spaces. Second-story addition and basement or attic finishing have had much interest on recent tours, whether for live/work or just more livable space.

Homes within easy walking or driving distance of each other. Neighborhoods with three or more homes may receive special recognition in the Home Tour Guide.

“Cool factor,” or the draw of the unusual. Examples: Mansion, solar-powered home, architect-designed in an unusual setting or using non-traditional materials.

Remodeling/redecorating/restoring on a budget: Repurposing found objects, artistic and creative solutions done well.

Preservation and blending in: Restoration and preservation true to the era of the home, and remodeling that honors the scale and rhythm of the surrounding neighborhood.

Garages and accessory dwelling units.  Garages with special purposes - living, hobby or work. Well-done rental properties of any size with unique stories.

LEED, GreenStar, GreenPath and other approaches that spark discussion of environmentally-friendly remodeling and new building.