2019 Home Tour map pages

Links to download just the 2019 Home Tour map pages.

2019 Guide - Downloadable PDF

2019 Guide, approx. 2.5MB Use it to start planning your tour.

216 Bates' dramatic conversion

WCCO Mid-Morning featured Cory and Tia Vandenberghe's home. (Click on pic for link to the interview)

The essence of MSP Home Tour

Star Tribune captures the relationship homeowners have with their homes which made them such good picks for the Tour.

Topic Talks

Download page 10 of the Home Tour Guide for a list of focused talks, time-certain tours, and ongoing features during the 2019 Tour.

Introduce a young person to the Home Tour

Demand is high for good remodelers, work methods are safer than ever…and the money's good. Careers in the building trades are worth looking at.

Water management examples can be viewed year-round

Keeping rain water away from the home’s foundation keeps your basement dry. Keeping it on the property can make the birds and plants happy as well as preventing pollution of rivers and streams.

Nominations open for future home tours

Help promote good remodeling practices and your neighborhood, by nominating your home - or a friend or neighbors' - for a future Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour.

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