2018 Tour - Great weather, nice turnout!

About 3,700 visitors turned out for the 2018 Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour. The most popular place to start, and most popular overall, was among the smallest – Chris Iverson’s Accessory Dwelling Unit at 3456 33rd Ave. S., Minneapolis. Maryam Sarreshteh’s totally restored/renovated home at 4619 Dupont Ave. S. Minneapolis was second with 743 visits. Tom and Lynn Sojak’s new home at 3621 Abbott Ave. S. was also a popular place to start and logged 536 visitors overall. Seeing about 650+ visitors were Kristy Barnes and Bryan Carter’s second-story addition at 5405 Dupont Ave. S., the kitchen-dining reconfiguration at Carrie Kubusek/Brian Levendowski’s home 4425 46th Ave. S., Minneapolis, Cino Adelson’s kitchen remodel at 1391 Edgecumbe Road, Saint Paul and Trudy Ohnsorg’s Airbnb at 1125 Burns Ave., Saint Paul. Seven homes saw between 450 and 550 visitors, 13 saw 350-450, 6 saw 250-350. 

Between about 100 and 250 visitors saw homes in the 11 most remote locations or homes with specialized interests; those home/location owners reported meeting new fans and neighbors, and having great conversations. The statistics underscore that there’s something for everyone on this tour. It’s the variety that makes it a unique tour; everyone contributed, and visitors got some very interesting insights.