East Harriet

East Harriet

Built 1918
The Perry family
The first thing the owners asked when designing this remodel was, “Where can we put a firepole?” With two young kids they wanted to make the most of the opportunity to create a family dream home in a fabulous Minneapolis neighborhood. The plan was to transform a hundred-year-old 1½ story house by gutting it to the studs, adding six feet to the rear, and removing the roof to accommodate a new full second floor, aka a “pop top, bump out” in remodelers’ lingo. They also tore down the dilapidated and insufficient one car garage to make room for a new two garage with a one-bedroom ADU above. Being an experienced remodeler interested in green building practices, the owner wanted to take extra steps towards energy efficiency. This led to the decision to use 2” foam insulation panels on the exterior of the walls effectively wrapping the house in an insulation blanket with no thermal breaks. Closed cell spray foam was then used in the interior wall cavities. They also decided on triple paned windows, a tankless gas water heater, LED lighting, and energy efficiency appliances.

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