Jordan Neighborhood

3011 Morgan Ave. N.

1924 1.5-story
Bob and Mary Schmidt
We bought our 1924 1.5-story home in 1979 for its proximity to downtown Minneapolis and the small quaint town of Robbinsdale. Our home offered the layout we were looking for, the woodwork and the sturdiness of an old school Craftsman. In 1984 with a loan from MCDA, we were able to gut and modernize the kitchen. Didn’t have the heart to throw out the original cupboard, but repurposed it in the dining room. We have since added a first-floor family room, closets and bath behind the kitchen, remodeled upstairs bath, added roof windows for light and ventilation. Recently we removed the wall between dining and kitchen for a more open feeling. Come see how it has changed, and how we use the space.

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