Dayton’s Bluff

216 Bates Ave. N.

1912 Masonry building
Cory and Tia Vandenberghe
Our idea of our “together forever” home looks a bit different than most. We wanted the charm and character from the early 1900’s, but we wanted it to be more unique and industrial. Finding an old brick building that we could afford to purchase and then renovate, was much more challenging than we expected. 18 months into the search we attended the Dayton’s Bluff abandoned home tour and fell in love with The Railing Shop. Alongside our builder OA Design + Build, we are saving as much character while making it as efficient and functional as possible. With special thanks, 216-218 Bates was saved by the Inspiring Communities Program and our future neighbors. Significant storm water management components on site. NOTE: This is an active project, behind the scenes, guided hard hat tour. Tour of the interior will most likely encounter un-even walking surfaces.