Dayton’s Bluff

216 Bates Ave.

Former commercial from early 1900s
Cory and Tia Vandenberghe
Our home may not be for everyone, but if you love contrast, old and new, clean lines and rough brick texture you’ll love it as much as we do. We wanted charm and character from the early 1900’s, but also to be unique and industrial. Alongside our architects and builder, OA Design + Build, we saved character while making it as efficient and functional as possible. The design draws inspiration from the rawness of the original structure and the importance of good flow through the space, clean lines, and existing materials intact. Blending reused materials from the existing building as well as bringing in other salvaged, reclaimed, and remnant materials helps remember the many stories this home has to tell. Special thanks: 216 Bates - The Railing Shop, was saved by the Inspiring Communities Program and our neighbors. www.therailingshop.co.