Seward Neighborhood

2105 30th Ave. S.

Built 1912
Zachary Zins & Tricia Brown family
Our house has three tiny bedrooms upstairs and a compact- functional main level. With OA’s help we turned the basement into real living space. The project dug down to add headroom, ingeniously strengthened and added to the foundation without jacking up the house. Sub-slab insulation, radon protection, drain board, tile and sump keep out water, and in-floor heat is an energy-efficient source that keeps the concrete floor warm to the touch. While our family is young, it’s play and guest space, then private space for teens. We kept the side entrance for potential coming and going separate from the rest of the house. It’s not an ADU as it doesn’t have a stove, but it could be added eventually for rental or to accommodate multi-generational living. True life-cycle housing!