Greater East Side

1647 Beech St.

1999 Garage Studio
Josephine A. Geiger
I’m remodeling my 1926 architect-designed home and someday may put it on the tour, but for 2017, the yard (in all its muddy dog glory), the year-round pond, and my stained glass studio atop the garage are the attractions. In 1999, with a fresh degree in architecture, I designed the garage/studio building and did much of the labor myself with skilled friends, even laying foundation blocks (never again). Two-story garages are not uncommon in this hilly neighborhood, though I needed to get a city variance for a permit. For the organized, sequential story, tips, and lessons learned, come at 11 a.m. on Saturday, April 29. The studio will be open with my stained glass art and four guest artists during the Saint Paul Art Crawl and all Home Tour hours.